Get Involved

Get Involved, Volunteer and Special Events

The Foundation

To learn more about the EVCA Foundation, please visit the link below.

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy Foundation (EVCA Foundation) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  The foundation was established in 2012 with the founding of the school to provide facilities and as a way to accept funding from outside sources according to NM State Laws governing Charter Schools.  In essence, the Foundation serves as the “landlord” for the buildings and grounds and assists in raising money for non-operational needs of the school.


The EVCA will not succeed in our mission to give your students the best education possible without the generous assistance and support of parent volunteers.  Whether it’s organizing car pools, weeding and watering the grounds, decorating for dances, tutoring students, or a host of other things, volunteers help make the school a better place for our students.  A few volunteer opportunities are listed below.

If you would like to volunteer but don’t see anything below that suits your skills, please contact the EVCA front office.  Please note that all visitors to the EVCA campus on school days will need to sign in at the school office.

Help Counter

Help Counter is a website that EVCA uses to connect volunteer parents with opportunities to help out at the school.  Click here to go to the Help Counter website.  On the main page, you will be able to create your own user name and password. Once you log in, you can search for the name of our school.  The first time you access the site, you will need to fill out a New Volunteer Application.

In the Classroom

If you have a student in grammar school and would like to volunteer in the classroom, please talk with your student’s teacher about ways you can help.

If you are willing to help tutor students in math, reading, or other subjects, please contact the school office.