The EVCA Crest

school crest

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy has an official crest, but why was it chosen? The crest needed to reflect the mission of the school and speak to every aspect of the mission. In short, it had to be a graphical representation of the school. The crest now is very different from some of the original ideas that were initially considered.
Each element was carefully – and some times brutally – debated before being chosen or rejected. The crest was designed by founder Aaron Lenard.


The U.S. flag has become a symbol of liberty around the world. It tells the story of our American Heritage. The Estancia Valley Classical Academy seeks to pass on that heritage to the next generation.


We are all familiar with historic Route 66 that runs through our community. One of the founders suggested using the same imagery for the crest.


The founders turned to medieval heraldry for many of the symbols used to convey the spirit of the school. In heraldry, the torch was a symbol for truth and intelligence. The Estancia Valley Classical Academy believes intellectual study reveals truth.


While a book has been generally thought of as a symbol for study or intellect, in medieval European heraldry, an open book represents manifestation. One of our goals at the EVCA is to have our students manifest virtue and proper inquiry.


While not a traditional heraldic symbol, the carpenter’s square has held a special meaning since ancient times. A carpenter’s square was used to find the “normal” of a surface, or the right angles. This eventually led to a saying, “that which is right.” EVCA will train students to pursue right answers to their inquiry, using proper methods.


The EVCA wanted a symbol that could acknowledge the unique heritage of New Mexico, and what better iconic image than our state flower? Early mid-West settlers referred to the Yucca flowers as Lamparas de Dios, meaning Lanterns of God.


The eagle, in medieval European heraldry, symbolized a person of noble nature, one who is strong, brave, and judicious. EVCA seeks to teach its students to be noble; to be strong in their pursuits. The eagle often is said to be an icon for “True Magnanimity and Strength of Mind.”


Veritas Virtusque Rempublicam Sustinent means “Truth and Virtue Uphold the Republic.” The Founding Fathers often emphasized that only a virtuous people were capable of sustaining self-government.