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Estancia Valley Classical Academy is a K-12 free public, classical charter school serving the Estancia Valley, Moriarty, Edgewood, Stanley, Tijeras, Sandia Park, Cedar Crest, and Albuquerque East Mountain areas.

We offer a rigorous, classical, liberal arts curriculum from Kindergarten through high school.  

Are you looking for the kind of school that teaches a classical education and who still holds true to traditional values that made this country great and prosperous? 

Our grammar school curriculum uses the Core Knowledge Sequence, Literacy Essentials, and Singapore Math.  Our upper school curriculum focuses on literature and history through original source documents, math, science, civics, and grammar and composition. EVCA is a Hillsdale Curriculum School.


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GC Meeting Postponed to 7/25/24 6:00pm

This is a reminder that the Governing Council meeting that was scheduled on July 18th was rescheduled due…

Mrs. Mackrain's Literature Class Tea Party

Mrs. Mackrain's 8th grade classes got to enjoy a Formal English Tea.

Learn About The EVCA Foundation

The EVCA Foundation is a volunteer organization, currently staffed by 5 volunteers, which enlist other volunteers (staff and parents) to help with efforts to raise money for the school.

Improvements By The Foundation Include:

  • Playground and sports equipment. 

  • Improvements to the grounds with sidewalks and ground covering. 

  • Funding for Teacher Training at Hillsdale College

Kindergarten through 12 grade

Classical Education: What Education is Supposed to Be

Estancia Valley Classical Academy has deliberately taken a classical approach to education. That is, we adhere to an ancient view of learning and traditional teaching methods.


Children demonstrate what is true of all people: we are natural learners.


A classical education teaches young people judgment according to certain standards.


We teach classical views of self-command using traditional teaching methods.


Teach young people how to preserve the constitutional republic the founders created.


Parental support is essential to the success of a classical education.

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