All prospective students need to fill out and submit a Letter of Intent.


There is no open enrollment period right now.

Upcoming Enrollment Meetings

There are no scheduled enrollment meetings.


Unlike regular public schools, Charter Schools have limited seats and do not automatically accept all students interested in attending.  At EVCA, enrollment for a given school year begins the spring before, first with a Sibling Enrollment Period, then followed by a number of Open Enrollment Periods.  Once the Open Enrollment Periods end, enrollment becomes First-Come, First-Served for whatever seats remain open.  During the Enrollment Periods, when the number of students interested in attending exceeds the number of seats available, charter schools must hold a lottery in order to ensure fairness in enrollment.  If you are new to EVCA and are interested in attending, you may either file a Letter of Intent during an Open Enrollment Period, or contact the school during the First-Come, First-Served enrollment to see if any seats remain open for your student's grade.  See below for details.

Types of Enrollment

EVCA has three types of enrollment.

1. Sibling Enrollment.

Charter schools are required by the state of New Mexico to give preferential enrollment to siblings of currently admitted students.  This happens during the Sibling Enrollment Period each spring for the school year starting that fall.  If there are more sibling Letters of Intent than there are available seats, then siblings will be accepted into EVCA via a lottery process (see below).

2. Open Enrollment.

If there are seats available after the Sibling Enrollment, a number of Open Enrollment periods will be held throughout the spring and summer.  During Open Enrollment, students from the community can apply to attend the school.  If there are more sibling Letters of Intent than there are available seats, then siblings will be accepted into EVCA via a lottery process (see below).

3. First-Come, First-Served

After the Open Enrollment Periods have completed, if any seats still remain available, then enrollment at EVCA becomes First-Come, First-Served.

Lottery Process

Charter schools have space for only a limited number of students.  If there is enough room in a particular grade to accommodate all the categories of students above, then a drawing for enrollment is not necessary – all students desiring admission will be accepted. A lottery is only required for a particular grade if there are not enough seats to accommodate all categories.

The Sibling and Open Enrollment Windows follow a similar process and have similar requirements.

1. Letters of Intent (LOIs)

Parents who desire to have their child or children enroll in Estancia Valley Classical Academy must fill out a Letter of Intent for each child.  Letters of Intent must be hand delivered to the EVCA office, or in extenuating circumstances you may contact the EVCA office at  (505) 832-2223 to make special arrangements. Such arrangements will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

2. Information Meetings

During each Enrollment Window, we typically offer at least one Information meeting, which parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  These meetings are a way for parents, relatives, friends, or other community members to learn about the EVCA and classical education.  If you are unsure whether the EVCA is a good fit for your child, we invite you to attend one of these meetings to learn more about the school and talk to parents and volunteers who have already chosen the EVCA.

3. Enrollment Lottery

At the end of each Enrollment Window, a lottery is held.  Those students whose LOIs were turned in on time in person to the EVCA office will have their names drawn at random.  Once all available seats for the student's grade are filled, students will be placed on a waiting list in the order their names were drawn.  Waiting lists do not carry over from year to year.

For more details on EVCA's enrollment, please see our Enrollment Policy, available from our Policies Page.

Legal Notices

As required by federal and state law, the EVCA does not discriminate against any individual because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, spousal affiliation, veteran status, disability, physical or mental handicap or serious medical condition, or any other category protected by law in its student enrollment, employment, or other participation or access to school programs and activities.