8 Pillars of Character

EVCA's 8 Pillars of Character

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Here at EVCA, we believe that virtue is as important to being a well educated person as academic achievement.  EVCA integrates the following 8 Pillars of Character into our discussions of literature, history, and the students' own interactions with each other and the school.


To honor rules and laws and act with obedience toward authority. To give my time and abilities to serve others. To uphold equality of opportunity and fairness through respect for individual differences and knowledge of our democratic system.


To take turns, share, and pay attention. To work with others for the good of all involved with a positive attitude. To be a team player by doing my best and to support others to do their best.


To always do what I know is right despite hardship and challenge. To resist negative peer pressure and provide positive peer pressure. To defend the rights of others and myself.


To always be truthful with my words and actions, no matter how difficult.


To make the best choices with my words and behavior by knowing the difference between right and wrong, and to ask for adult help if I am not sure. To be a person of strong ethical values.


To complete a task or project to the best of my ability. Not to give up or become discouraged. To be committed to creatively finding a solution.


To treat others and myself with kindness. To be polite and considerate. To appreciate the good in others and myself and show compassion. To treat others and the property of others as I wish to be treated.


To do what I say I will do and be someone others can count on. To use self-discipline when choosing my words, actions, and emotions. To learn from the consequences of my choices, challenges, and mistakes, rather than making excuses and blaming others.