As did America’s Founding Fathers, the Estancia Valley Classical Academy believes that the preservation of liberty depends on an intelligent and moral citizenry. In order for Americans to secure the way of life we enjoy, our youth must know and understand the truths and principles that define Western Civilization and underlie the American Constitution.

EVCA was founded by a group of concerned community members who aim to counter the trend of academic mediocrity and cultural illiteracy in America. EVCA provides students the benefit of a content rich and academically rigorous classical liberal arts education with a strong civics component, without the price tag of a private school. At EVCA, students are challenged to excel both in academics and in moral discipline. Students learn reading, math, and science through time proven methods and learn a true account of history based in the reading of primary source documents. Furthermore, discipline, ethics, and personal responsibility are modeled and expected. EVCA’s aim is to develop the academic potential and personal character of each of its students, regardless of background, socio-economic status and ability, and to graduate them fully prepared to become intelligent, responsible, and active members of their community.

Estancia Valley Classical Academy is affiliated with Hillsdale College through the Barney Charter School Initiative.  In May, 2015, at our inaugural graduation ceremony, EVCA was awarded the Henry Salvatori prize for Excellence in Teaching, presented by Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College and our keynote speaker at that event.